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Reunion Dinner

The shiny red color of the tender, crispy skin on a Suckling Pig symbolizes good fortune while its final presentation in its whole form represents completeness in the year ahead. During the Chinese New Year, a whole chicken to symbolise family unity and a duck to symbolise fidelity is also commonly enjoyed.


Traditionally, a whole Golden Roasted Pig (S/M), complete with its ears and tail, is presented by the groom to his in-laws as a symbol of his bride’s chastity on the wedding day. These days, it represents the groom’s family satisfaction with the bride.


Golden Roasted Pigs (M/L/XL) are used during Ancestor Worship, Tomb-sweeping day (Qing Ming- 清明节) and Hungry Ghost Festival (Qi Yue - 七月) prayer rituals. Roasted Duck and Roasted Chicken are common add-ons.

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